New and Updated for IntelliJ IDEA Community

AWS Toolkit

The AWS Toolkit is an open-source plug-in for JetBrains IDEs that makes it easier to develop applications built on AWS.

Day And Night

This plugin added possibility for automatic theme and color scheme changes according user's schedule settings.


By JetBrains
The Kotlin plugin provides language support in IntelliJ IDEA and Android Studio.

Apache Camel IDEA Plugin

Plugin for Intellij IDEA to provide a set of small Apache Camel related capabilities to the code editor.

Scipio ERP Integration

Scipio ERP is a framework for the development of custom ecommerce and business application software distributed under the Apache License.


the plugin can translate markdown and text,and you can right click on the folder, besides, you can se idea to translate and edit the translated md file.

PlantUML integration

PlantUML diagramming tool integration.


Allow to add gitmotji emoticon in commit dialog.

PyVenv Manage

PyVenvManage Introduction PyVenvManage is a plugin for managing the Python interpreter of Pycharm Projects.

Spek Test Template

Generates Spek test for current Kotlin class.