New and Updated for IntelliJ IDEA Community


Supports Phing, a build tool for PHP applications.

Performance Testing

Plugin for automated execution of test scripts, capturing performance snapshots and gathering performance statistics.


Supports the use of Hunspell dictionaries for spell checking.

Apache config (.htaccess)

Adds support for editing Apache config (.htaccess) files.

Codeseek developer friendly search

Codeseek is a search engine for looking up everything about code. You will be more effective using Codeseek service.


Supercharge your productivity with the most efficient keybinding for IntelliJ family of IDEs.

Indices viewer

IntelliJ-based IDEs use so-called indices to store code related meta-information.

Code Notes

Allows to add code notes without altering the code.

Dracula Theme

Dracula is a dark theme for many editors, terminals, syntax highlight and eg.