New and Updated for IntelliJ IDEA Community

Gruvbox Theme

gruvbox is heavily inspired by badwolf, jellybeans and solarized.

Senya Editor

Senya Editor: Design OpenAPI and Swagger specifications fast and effectively​.


Full SystemVerilog (and Verilog) support, including the UVM library.

Dependency Injection Graph

Displays dependencies between classes as fancy graph.

Zero Width Characters locator 2

Inspired by this question on Stack Overflow - this plugin adds an inspection that prevents some hard to find bugs related to invisible zero width characters in...




a small plugin for IntelliJ IDEA uploading http api information to Yapi.(Base on YapiIdeaUploadPlugin).

Kotlin MVP Auto

By ljb
kotlin mvp code generator.

IDE Features Trainer

Learn basic shortcuts and essential features interactively – right inside the IDE.


Kill the process running on 8080 port by one key.