New and Updated for IntelliJ IDEA Community


Ballerina is a simple programming language whose syntax and runtime address the hard problems of integration.

Rainbow Brackets

Rainbow Brackets / Rainbow Parentheses for IntelliJ based IDEs.

Add to gitignore

Add a file or directory to gitignore in IntelliJ by right clicking it in project view.

One dark theme

One Dark color theme for JetBrains IDEs.


A JetBrains IDE plugin supporting the EditorConfig standard and EditorConfig language.

Illuminated Cloud 2

Illuminated Cloud brings the modern feature set of JetBrains' powerful IntelliJ IDEA and WebStorm IDEs to Salesforce development.

Cucumber for Java

This plugin enables Cucumber support with step definitions written in Java.


Provides support of Gherkin language.

Python Community Edition

The Python plug-in provides smart editing for Python scripts. The feature set of the plugin corresponds to PyCharm IDE Community Edition.

PhoneGap/Cordova Plugin

PhoneGap/Cordova integration for InteliJ Platform.