New and Updated for IntelliJ IDEA Community


Lets you download and build Docker images, create and start Docker containers, and carry out other related tasks.

Python Community Edition

The Python plug-in provides smart editing for Python scripts. The feature set of the plugin corresponds to PyCharm IDE Community Edition.

Cucumber for Groovy

Enables Cucumber support with step definitions written in Groovy.


Adds support for the development of OSGi-based applications.


Provides support of Gherkin language.

Cucumber for Java

Enables Cucumber support with step definitions written in Java.


Supports Slim, a lightweight templating engine for Ruby and Rails.

Error Prone Compiler

Allows to build projects using Error Prone Java compiler to catch common Java mistakes at compile-time.


Provides code-related communication between developers. Exchange messages with your fellow developers right inside the IDE.


Provides a two-panel view for navigating and working with the project structure.