New and Updated for IntelliJ IDEA Community

HOCON Converter

Convert between HOCON map form, and HOCON properties form.

Perforce IDEA Community Integration

[ Github ] | [ Open Issues ] Associate your IDEA project with Perforce ("p4") through the built-in version control.

Teamscale Integration

Teamscale integration for the Intellij platform.

Native Terminal

adds a Terminal icon to the IDE toolbar and Project context menu item to open project directories in your favorite terminal.


Install on IntelliJ and Android Studio to receive advanced Java code completions Codota completes lines of code based on millions of Java...


The Amdatu IntelliJ plugin adds support for OSGi workspaces using the bnd workspace model.

Netease Java Coding Guidelines

Netease Java Coding Guidelines plugin support.

Android Bundle Support

support using android studio apk analyzer to open files such as ap_, ap, aar, jar, so, awb etc.

Liferay IntelliJ Plugin

Liferay Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA Features.

Java Visualizer

A tool to visualize the call stack and objects on the heap (as a box and pointer diagram) while debugging Java applications.