New and Updated for IntelliJ IDEA Community


Provides a two-panel view for navigating and working with the project structure.

GNU GetText files support (*.po)

This plugin enables support for GNU GetText files (*.po).

ReStructuredText Support

This plugin enables support for reStructuredText files (*.rst).


Provides Puppet language support.


Tailwind 1.0.0 Update.

Spreadsheet Localizer

Plugin for generating string resources for different localizations from Google sheets.


Features: 1. When update playframework2.3 , you need to change play.F.Option to java.util.Optional,.

Regex File Folding

By Ciel
A plugin that groups files with the same prefix together under collapsible nodes.

Coderpillr Icons

By Ciel
Replace the JetBrains icons with customized icon associations.

hybris integration

This plugin is a plugin for SAP Hybris Commerce integration.