New or Updated for IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition

Connector for AWS Lambda

By ssmt
View and update functions powered by AWS Lambda with JAR-artifact.

Github Code Reviews Plugin

GitHub code review integration for intellij IDEs.

Fortify On Demand

Fortify on Demand is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that enables your organization to build and expand a Software Security Assurance program quickly, easily,...

Discord Integration

Discord Integration.

Spring Assistant

Spring Assistant - IntelliJ plugin that assists you in developing spring applications What does the plugin do This plugins provides the following features as of now.

Winstanley WDL

Winstanley provides WDL language support to the IntelliJ IDEA IDE.


Automatically generate the boilerplate code required for your unit tests using Mockito in either Java or Groovy. Summary.


This plugin provides both real-time and on-demand scanning of Java files with CheckStyle from within IDEA.


Interactive XSLT Debugger.

Polymer & Web Components

Polymer & Web Components support.