New and Updated for IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition

NASM Assembly Language

NASM assembly language for JetBrains IDEs.

PNG Optimizer

By kb
Plugin allows to optimize PNG files by size before commit and manually via context menu in Project View.

Nyan Progress Bar

Pretty progress bars for IJ based IDEs.

Hybris Addon-Storefront Switcher

Switches addon to storefront and backwards Select storefront and addons in settings Press CTRL + ALT + K to switch addon to storefront and backwards Press CTRL +...


This plugins helps sync the mapper file with PO.

Codename One

Codename One Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA.

Meicloud setting

Meicloud project management plugin support.

Tmar plugin

Tmar plugin for IntelliJ IDEA.

GitLab Projects

GitLab Projects Plugin Simple plugin that is adding support for GitLab specific actions to JetBrain IDEs Features.