Top Downloads for IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition

PHPUnit code coverage

Displays PHPUnit code coverage of file in the editor.

AWS CloudFormation

Amazon AWS CloudFormation language support Open any *.template, *.json or *.yaml file with CloudFormation language inside.

Android Material Design Icon Generator

Android Studio & IntelliJ Plugin for Material Design Icon.

Action Tracker

Allows to record actions performed by user in IntelliJ IDEs.

IntelliJad Plus

IntelliJad Plus integrates the Jad decompiler into IntelliJ IDEA 11+.


Plugin that generates java docs on java class elements, like field, method, etc.


Donate Elixir support for JetBrains IDEs IntelliJ IDEA AppCode CLion Gogland PhpStorm PyCharm Rubymine WebStorm Features.

ANTLR v4 grammar plugin

This plugin is for ANTLR v4 grammars and includes ANTLR 4.7.