Top Rated for IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition

JMeter plugin

Create run configurations and run JMeter tests from Intellij IDEA.


The Realigner plugin adds three tools for reformatting text.


Inlines library code and provides testing framework.

XQuery Support

Provides support for XQuery language in version 3.0 and 3.1.

Postfix Completion

The basic idea is to prevent caret jumps backward while typing code, let you start with the some expression, explore some APIs, think about what you are going to do and...

GMavenPlus IntelliJ Plugin

Activates Groovy plugin in Intellij IDEA when the GMavenPlus plugin is present in the pom.

Pipe Table Formatter

Small plugin for formatting text blocks that represents a table delimited by pipe (|). For example, can be used to format JBehave examples table.


The first plugin in the world to gamify development in IntelliJ IDEs.


quickly to convert a JSON string to an InnerClassEntity class ..


LaTeX plugin for IntelliJ IDEA.