Plugins with tag "Miscellaneous" for IntelliJ IDEA Educational

Archive browser

This plugin allows you to browse zip and gzip archives like folders in IDEA.

CS 61B

Plugin for CS 61B at UC Berkeley.

LibGDX Plugin

This unofficial plugin adds a number of LibGDX related features to IntelliJ and Android Studio.

Arma IntelliJ Plugin

NOTICE: this plugin is not intended for C/C++ Development. Arma IntelliJ Plugin provides support for the SQF scripting language used in the video game Arma 3.

Sketch It!


Darkyen's Time Tracker

Track the time spent on a project.

IntelliJ IDEA Help

Bundles IntelliJ IDEA Web help and serves it via built-in Web server for offline use.

Unit File Support (systemd)

Adds support for systemd unit files, including the following features.

AngularDart Folding

A plugin that folds AngularDart components in the project file tree with their respective supporting files.

AWS Lambda Java code updater

This plugin is used to update java code in AWS Lambda function.