Plugins with tag "Viewer" for IntelliJ IDEA Educational

JSON Viewer

JetBrains IDE plugin for viewing formatted JSON text on tool window.


Viewer to allow request json data from online endpoints direct in your favourite IDE For open viewer go to View > JSONViewer Viewer enable add headers or/and...

Android Drawable Viewer

This plugin provide function that see drawable resource of the android project.

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An Intellij/Android Studio plugin that support Chinese English words or sentence translation of each other, this function is simple, but very useful, if you have any...

android easy sharedprefs

A android develop tool,which can be use for watch android debuggable app shared_prefs with out root in GUI.

JWT (JSON Web Token) Analyzer

JSON Web Token Parser and Analyzer.

SQL Formatter

JetBrains IDE plugin for viewing formatted SQL text on tool window.

Git Conflict


WebP Stinks

WebP Stinks.