New and Updated for MPS

IDEA Git Extensions

Some lazy-guy extensions for Git integration written ASAP and not meant for production.


Quokka is a rapid prototyping playground in your editor, with access to your project's files, inline reporting, code coverage and rich output formatting.

Discord Integration

Adds rich presence integration to IntelliJ.

Dilbert Daily Strip

Displays the cartoon strip of the day from the website.

Tempo-theme Color Scheme

A dark theme made by Tempo, featuring our signature Tempo colors.

Winstanley WDL

Winstanley provides WDL language support to the IntelliJ IDEA IDE.

Zeus Plugin

This is a idea one - key package plugin.

JSON To Kotlin Class (JsonToKotlinClass)

Plugin for Kotlin to convert Json String into Kotlin data class code quickly.


A plugin for code-related communications between developers.