New and Updated for MPS

Mainframer Integration

This plugin makes integration with Mainframer tool easy and seamless.

Angular CLI QuickSwitch

This plugin allows you to quickly navigate between files, which correspond to the same component (e.g.

Android Input

Android Input allows you to input text into Android device or emulator easily.


CovScript language support.

CSV Plugin

Lightweight CSV plugin that supports editing files in CSV/TSV format.

Assembly string


Git Scope

By comod
Git Scope is a helpful plugin for displaying and highlighting changed code (similar to 'git diff', with several advantages) The plugin is used as a tool window.

Gerador de CPF/CNPJ

Gerador de CPF/CNPJ.

Android Bundle Support

support using android studio apk analyzer to open files such as ap_, ap, aar, jar, so, awb etc.

Power Mode II

Power Mode Based on the activate-power-mode atom plugin and forked from Baptiste Mesta on Github.