New and Updated for MPS


Provides the support for TagMyCode.


activate-power-mode for IDEA.


Hatchery is plugin for developing applications for the Robot Operating System (ROS).

GoogleTranslation by huyquansu


Search with Baidu

In China, if you are not comfortable with Google, you can install this plugin to search with Baidu.


This plugin provides basic editing support for dot language files (dot and gv) in IntelliJ IDEA.

Input Language Locker

Blocks unwanted input language changes while working in IDEs WARNING.


Gerrit Code Review Tool Integration Only Gerrit 2.6 or newer is supported (missing / incomplete REST API in older versions) Features.

Kotlin Variable Completion Plugin

Kotlin completion plugin for Android Studio & IntelliJ.

Missing In Actions

Missing In Actions Adds missing editor actions for end of word navigation but that is just the beginning.