Plugins with tag "Languages" for AppCode

XQuery Support + MarkLogic Debugger

XQuery 3.0/3.1 Language Support, with MarkLogic Debugger Forked from XQuery Language Support plugin by Grzegorz Ligas.

Diff / Patch File Support

Syntax highlighting for .diff files and .patch files Supports the common formats: normal, contextual, unified, git patch.


Graql language support.

Mason Framework

Mason Framework Required for HTML::Mason and Mason2 support.


Emblem template support.


Supports SASS, a CSS extension language.


Plugin for LiveScript language support.

Glagol DSL

Syntax highlighting and language support for Glagol DSL.

VCL/Varnish language

Support for the Varnish Configuration Language.

Crystal language support updated for v2018.2 onwards

This is an update to the original Crystal language plugin to support IDEA 2018.2 onwards.