Top Downloads for AppCode

Makefile support

Support for UNIX Makefiles.


ESLint intellij integration.

Twig Support

Twig Template Language Support.


Donate (Average is $30.29 USD.) Elixir support for JetBrains IDEs IntelliJ IDEA AppCode CLion Gogland PhpStorm PyCharm Rubymine WebStorm Features.


Regular Expression Tester for IntelliJ IDEA.

hybris integration

This is a plugin for SAP Hybris Commerce integration.


A smart and simple plugin that provides keyboard shortcut access for Dash, Velocity or Zeal in IntelliJ IDEA, RubyMine, WebStorm, PhpStorm, PyCharm, DataGrip, CLion,...


Gerrit Code Review Tool Integration Only Gerrit 2.6 or newer is supported (missing / incomplete REST API in older versions) ...

Action Tracker

Allows to record actions performed by user in IntelliJ IDEs.