New and Updated for AppCode

Green lite theme

A simple green theme changed from one dark theme.


CodeStream helps dev teams discuss, review, and understand code.

Material Theme UI

Material Theme UI Plugin Material Design Experience for JetBrains IDEs Material Theme UI is a plugin for...

Neva River

Level of Neva river near its estuary (chart widget for status bar).


Provides the capability to edit Markdown files within the IDE and see the rendered HTML in a live preview.

Teamscale Integration

Teamscale integration for the IntelliJ Platform.

One dark theme

One dark theme for JetBrains IDEs.

Hiberbee theme

Monokai Pro & MacOS Mojave inspired color themes, with bright colors & dark mode, with common color code for all languages.


Transfer the code to a hump form or underline.

Limited WIP

Plugin to help you limit work-in-progress (WIP) by imposing constraints on your workflow.