New and Updated for AppCode

Completion Stats Collector

This plugin collects data about your usage of code completion, anonymises and sends it to us.


Enforces formatting with Tabs even in places where spaces are normally used such as alignments.


Liquibase Changeset Generation.

Golang mockery

This plugin provides Golang developers a shortcut for auto-generating testify mocks by offering a shortcut to call the mockery generator behind the scenes.

101 Header

Add 101 header on you c files (alt + h).

JSON FilePath Navigator

Navigating to project file from JSON string literal.

PHP composer.json support

PHP composer.json support.


Run your Jasmine 3.0 tests right from Intelli-J.

Forge GradoService Plugin

Forge GradoService Plugin Plugin for working with Forge.

Twig Support

Twig Template Language Support.