New and Updated for AppCode


Insert random strings and numbers with the press of a single key.

Layout Master

With Layout Master, your Layout Inspector will be more powerful.

Aegis Code Check Plugin

This plugin is write for check specific code style for our company. and it supports both java and kotlin.

Database Navigator

Database development, scripting and navigation tool.

VCL/Varnish language plugin

Support for the Varnish Configuration Language.

Inspections for Google™ Closure

This plugin enhances IntelliJ's support for Google Closure.

BSL Code Synthesizer

A synthesizer of API-heavy code for Java STDlib and Android SDK.

Git Scope

Git Scope is a helpful plugin for displaying and highlighting changed code (similar to 'git diff', with several advantages) The plugin is used as a tool window.


An anti-boss plugin for you to chat with your QQ/Wechat friends privately.


Textmapper support.