Top Rated for AppCode

Night Owl Theme

Night owl theme and color scheme for IntelliJ®, Webstorm® and other Jetbrains® IDEs.

SQL Code Assistant

SQL Code Assistant provides extended editing capability for SQL and PL/SQL code of the Oracle database.


A plugin to help you easily edit Swagger and Open API specification files.


Shows project statistic.


Vim emulation plug-in for IDEs based on the IntelliJ platform.

Database Navigator

Database development, scripting and navigation tool.

Code screenshots

Select a code and press a hot-key (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+A by default) to copy it as the image (make a screenshot).


AsciiDoc language support for IntelliJ platform.


Metrics, insights, and time tracking automatically generated from your programming activity.

Pipe Table Formatter

Small plugin for formatting text blocks that represents a table delimited by pipe (|). For example, can be used to format JBehave examples table.