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Enriches Git Integration with additional features [Home] [Issues].

IDEA Jetty Runner

A plugin that allows you to quickly run Jetty from IntelliJ IDEA.

Lines Sorter

Add Sort Lines action in Edit menu to sort selected lines or whole file if selection is empty.


This plugin brings support for Aurelia framework to the IntelliJ platform Features.

Wrap to Column

Wraps text to the specified column width.

Android ButterKnife Zelezny

Plugin for generating ButterKnife injections from selected layout XMLs in activities/fragments/adapters.

IDE Features Trainer

Learn basic shortcuts and essential features interactively – right inside the IDE.

Archive browser

This plugin allows you to browse zip and gzip archives like folders in IDEA.

Protobuf Support

Google Protobuf support for JetBrains products.