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Bitbucket Linky

Bitbucket Linky provides easy navigation to and interaction with Atlassian Bitbucket.

Bootstrap 3

Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4 live templates / snippets.

PHP Advanced AutoComplete

Adds auto-completion support for various built-in PHP functions and methods, where parameter is a string literal.


AceJump allows you to quickly navigate the caret to any position visible in the editor.


Provides support of Gherkin language.

Nyan Progress Bar

Pretty progress bars with nyan cat for IJ based IDEs.

Git Flow Integration

Git Flow Integration.


Quickly opens temporary IntelliJ text editor tab.

YAML/Ansible support

YAML/Ansible support with Jinja2 tags Based on NEON by juzna.cz.

JSTestDriver Plugin

Allows running, debugging JavaScript unit tests and measure test coverage.