Plugins with tag "Android" for PhpStorm


A plugin that helps you to create RecyclerView Adapter with DataBinding.

ARouter Navigate Function Generator

Plugin to generate start activity functions.


Plugin for Generate Kotlin DSL ListenerBuilder Code The Open Source Code Repository Url.

Clear Cache

Your project's cache will be stored in your .gradle folder.

Flutter App Template Generator

A plugin help to generate Flutter project template with your model entities.

SimpleRouter Helper

SimpleRouter Helper.

Android ORM Tool

The Android ORM (AORM) plugin, help Android developers to add ORM capability with AORM quickly.

Mvvm Helper

Generate Mvvm implements files for Mvvm Frame by bmapleaf.

WhichActivity Plugin

An AndroidStudio plugin of getting an activity name from current app page when adb is active.

Android Add LifeCycle

Using this plugin, you can add Activity or Fragment lifecycle method more quickly.