Plugins with tag "Tools integration" for PhpStorm

ADB Friendly

ADB Friendly is a Android Studio plugin to provide some useful functions via ADB.

StringTemplate v4 plugin

This plugin is for StringTemplate v4 .stg files.


redis client:.

Review Board Support

Features Support Subversion, Git Auto review for some users@lvmama About Usage Issues.

Jenkins X

Jenkins X Plugin.

.IDE Timer

By puke
Add a configuration for your IDE. IDE will callback a string every second, like 2018-12-25 12:18:00.

Open in Marked

Open markdown file into Markdown Viewer Marked.

TinyPNG Image Optimizer

By NVlad
Smart PNG and JPEG compression using TinyPNG service.

CollabNet Tools

CollabNet Connector for IntelliJ IDEA provides IDEA IDE integration for CollabNet TeamForge.


task provider.