Plugins with tag "Editor" for PhpStorm


create others value dimen file by your current dimen file.

Undo Scroll

Press CTRL-Z or CTRL-Shift-Z, hold down CTRL, and scroll to stream through undo and redo events.

Copy Path as Unix LIke

Copy current file's file path or dir path with Unix file separators Very simple plugin that copies current file's path or its dir path to the →clipboard ...


Complete record field code, See Edit menu or use Shift + Alt + P.

Better Sticky Selection

IntelliJ's original sticky selection doesn't support multi-carets.


This plugin scroll like recenter-top-bottom of emacs.

Keymap Switch

Switch between keymaps without accessing the settings menu.

Error Item Line Marker

Displays an icon in the left gutter to indicate an error on the line.

Permute list element/xml attribute

This plugin can swap items in a list left or right.