Plugins with tag "Editor" for PhpStorm

Permute list element/xml attribute

This plugin can swap items in a list left or right.

Voicecode Idea

This plugin adds a small web server which supports a Talon module.

Magic Time

Second level timestamp convert.


Fold } as end and hide {. Give up braces from now on. You shouldn't limit yourself with braces.

Func Comment

A plugin to help add comment above function definition in GoLand.

Escape from SearchEverywhere

Make it be possible to close the 'Search Everywhere' popup by the ESC key.


Creates popups with QR code based on selected text.

Python custom import

Plugin that copy import in python interpreter style.

JCE Support

This plugin supports the editing of the Jce file, providing the following features.

REST link copier

Generate links to share code locations via the IntelliJ REST service.