Plugins with tag "Framework integration" for PhpStorm


Unofficial eZ-plugin.

Nextras Orm

Provides support for Nextras ORM – an ORM library for PHP.

Catberry Framework support

Catberry is a framework with Flux architecture, isomorphic web-components and progressive rendering.

Pimple Plugin

Code completion for Pimple PHP Dependency Injection Container This plugin is based on Silex/Pimple Plugin...

Grav Support

Grav Support for IntelliJ PhpStorm, Community Edition and Ultimate.

MinutePHP view / controller switcher

Fast way to switch between view and controller in a single keystroke.

THOP Builder

Write Thought Processes in IDEA.


Riot.js plugin.

MDW Studio

MDW Studio is the official design tool built on the IntelliJ platform that makes it easy for you to create workflow processes and other assets.

Postfix completion templates for the Twig template language

Provides Postfix completion for the Twig template language.