Plugins with tag "Framework integration" for PhpStorm

Bitrix Framework Support

By vizh
Bitrix is popular in the former Soviet Union region, so there is no much sense to me and you to communicate in a foreign language.

TYPO3 CMS Plugin

TYPO3 CMS Plugin GitHub Repository.

ZF1 integration plugin

Zend Framework 1 integration plugin.

Drupal Symfony Bridge

Drupal Symfony Bridge.


UIkit live templates / snippets.


Sails or Treeline integration for InteliJ Platform.

Laravel Insight

Laravel Insight is a very helpful PhpStorm IDE plugin that introduces a lot of features when you are working with Laravel Framework.

AEM IntelliJ Plugin

Intellij Platform plugin for Adobe Experience Manager.


This plugin brings support for Aurelia framework to the IntelliJ platform Features.