Plugins with tag "Framework integration" for PhpStorm

Catberry Framework support

Catberry is a framework with Flux architecture, isomorphic web-components and progressive rendering.

Grav Support

Grav Support for IntelliJ Community Edition, Ultimate and PhpStorm.


Argus CIT plugin provides Jawa language support, and integrates Argus products (eg., Argus-SAF, jawa2java, etc) for Android APK analysis.

Pimple Plugin

Code completion for Pimple PHP Dependency Injection Container This plugin is based on Silex/Pimple Plugin...

Postfix completion templates for the Twig template language

Provides Postfix completion for the Twig template language.

BEAR.Sunday Plugin

BEAR.Sunday plugin.

Grafter Macro Support

Provides syntax support for the Grafter library.


Longevity macro support for IntelliJ IDEA.