Plugins with tag "Database" for PhpStorm

Magento DDL Generator

PHPStorm plugin that can easily generate Magento sql setup scripts from database tables.


Support for k-infinity by Intelligent Views.


The plugin is forked from mainly focus on support for redis Support redis cluster Support add key value...

Iedis 2

Plugin for Redis.

KDB+ Studio Plugin

Open source IntelliJ IDEA plugin for sending queries to a q database, and showing the query results to the user.

DataGrip exposer

Exposes database connections as REST API.


Plugin for generating the raw sql of ormlite class.


SOAR(SQL optimizer And Rewrite) is plugin of SOAR which for analysis SQL performance and optimize.

POJO Generator

Generate JPA Entity POJO from database table.


Exporting RDB schema metadata as JSON.