Plugins with tag "VCS integration" for PhpStorm

Dimensions CM Git Client

The Git Client Plug-in enables developers working with Git to access Dimensions CM from IntelliJ-based IDE's.

Prepend Story Number

Adds a button to the commit dialog (right above the commit message field), that will take your branch name for example, feature/project1-345, and prepend...


A shortcut to pull the "origin/develop" branch into your current branch.

GitBlit Plugin

This plugin is for easily checking out repositories hosted via GitBlit.

SVN Helper

Just a little Helper for working with SVN.


Provides integration with Bazaar distributed version control system.


Integrates MKS Source Integrity with IDEA.


This plugin adds an extra action to the ChangeList popup menu.

Vcs Revision Graph

Draws a graph of all revisions of the current Vcs controlled file.

Copy & Browse as Github or Atlassian Stash Path

For projects with git repos in the base, it allows you to copy the current file's path on master, and open that with the default browser.