Plugins with tag "Code editing" for PhpStorm

Shell Filter

The Shell Filter plugin for Jetbrains IDEs enables the developer to run an external shell command and insert or replace the returned output into the current Editor.

Reverse Lines

Reverse lines.


You can invoke these actions via IntelliJ's "Find Action" or "Search Everything" functionality, you can also assign keyboard shortcuts to them under Preferences...

PHP Code Generator +

Let's you generate more PHP code.


Clean Clojure Namespace Declarations With An Opinionated Style Guide.


Objective-J Language plugin Provides basic autocomplete functionality for selector methods and variable names Plugin allows the use of a @var comment, in the... code snippets

Plugin for loading code snippets from directly to editor without need to switch your mental context.


Left or right justify columns of selected text.

Djaneiro for PyCharm

This was originally a pure port of the Djaneiro plugin for Sublime Text, but new features have been added not found in the original plugin.


Convert Android ButterKnife Zelezny generated @BindView code to Scala lazy val declaration.