Top Rated for PhpStorm

Wrike plugin

Integrate your development workflow with Wrike, link commits with corresponding Wrike tasks.

Find Pull Request

This plugin find the pull request or the merge request of the selected line. The supported git hosting services are GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket.


This plugin enables the niddler ui inside the IDE.

Angular CLI QuickSwitch

Angular CLI QuickSwitch allows you to switch amongst files of one component efficiently, by just using one shortcut (default Alt + S).

Vuesion Theme

Vuesion theme and color scheme for IntelliJ®, Webstorm® and other Jetbrains® IDEs.

Dracula Theme

Dracula is a dark theme for many editors, terminals, syntax highlight and eg.


All-language autocompleter — TabNine uses machine learning to help you write code faster.

Validation-File Comparison

Plugin on GitHub | Cronn GmbH Website.


BNF Grammars and JFlex lexers editor.