New and Updated for PhpStorm


idea-cjk-conv README convert chinese/hanzi between Shinjitai/Traditional/Simplified.


The plugin adds a "Sweep files" button to the main toolbar.

Extra Icons

Add icons for files like Travis YML, Appveyor YML, etc.


IntelliJ-Idea Plugin to create, edit and delete Issues from Mantis BugTracker!.


Regular Expression Tester for IntelliJ IDEA.


IntelliJ support for the Tezos platform.

Styled Components

Language Support For React Styled Components.

JSON Sorter

Reorder JSON Object keys.


IntelliJ solidity support You can support the plugin development by clicking star on GitHub and rating it on the plugin page.

Save Backup

By Ken
This JetBrains IDE plugin saves a backup copy of your current open file every time you save the file.