Plugins with tag "Cloud Support" for PyCharm Professional

JetForcer | The Smartest IDE

JetForcer is the smartest IDE for handy Salesforce development with JetBrains IDEs.


Support for editing Kubernetes resource files (versions 1.5 - 1.14).

AWS Toolkit

The AWS Toolkit is an open-source plug-in for JetBrains IDEs that makes it easier to develop applications built on AWS.

Cloud Code

Tools for working with Kubernetes and the Google Cloud Platform.

Alibaba Cloud Toolkit

Alibaba Cloud Toolkit is a plugin for IDEs such as Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA.

AWS Tail

A simple way to see your Amazon CloudWatch Logs without closing your IDE :).

OpenShift Connector by Red Hat

Overview A plugin for interacting with Red Hat OpenShift using a local or remote instance of OpenShift clusters providing a streamlined developer experience.

appLariat Plugin

appLariat plugin enables automated connectio the the appLariat platform API.


Type Cloudformation templates with pleasure!.


publish apk to bmob.