Plugins with tag "UI" for PyCharm Professional

Cyan Light Theme

A light theme in cyan tones. For version 2019.1 and above.

Clock Widget

A simple clock widget for IntelliJ.


Makes your editor caret 1 pixel thin (for retina users).

Gray Theme

A low-contrast light theme with lots of space between text lines. Made for writing in Markdown inside IntelliJ IDEs.

Custom Title

Set your own template for IntelliJ's based IDE title bar.

Preserve Layout Plugin

This plugin provides Export & Import functionality for IntelliJ window layout. Preserve your favorite layout across different projects.

Simple Titles

Limit the file part of the window title only include the file name.

Quick Launch

Quick Launch plugin lets you favorite run configurations and quickly access them from new tool window.

Copy Option Path

Adds 'Copy Option Path' action which copies full path to an option from IDE dialogs.


For people with color vision deficiency.