Plugins with tag "UI" for PyCharm Professional

Light Bulb Toggle

Allows to turn off a light bulb in "Editor | General | Appearance".


The plugin matches root package names to country code top-level domains and replaces 'package' icon with the flag.


Display the tab number indicator before the opened file name int editor tabs.


Automatically switches the IDE theme and color scheme base don the time of day.

Image Icon Viewer

Image Icon Viewer.


A mvp development support plugin.

Enable Color Management

Enable color management on OS X using ColorSync, which is not working with bundled Java correctly.

Day And Night

This plugin added possibility for automatic color scheme changes according user's schedule settings.

Automatic Power Saver

A plugin that automatically enables power save mode when window focus is lost.

SSV Normandy Progress Bar

Your progress bar becomes the SSV Normandy SR-1 traveling at FTL.