Plugins with tag "Code tools" for PyCharm Professional

Android Selectors Generate

This plugin automatically generates drawable selectors from appropriately named Android resources.

MyBatis Plus

Plugin for mybatis to generate controller,service,dao,mapper and model.

Code comments

Add comments to code without change it.

POJO Generator

Generate Java objects from XML and JSON files.

PyCharm cell mode

Cell mode execution for PyCharm (provides an action to send code between ## marks to the python console.


插件功能:在idea的database工具中使用,选择表,生成mybatis相关的代码。已支持的数据库:Mysql、Mysql8、Oracle、MariaDB。待验证:PostgreSQL与SQL Server Step1.

Stepik Union

Stepik plugin for code challenges on Python, Java, asm, C, C++, Clojure, Haskell, JavaScript, Mono C#, Octave, R, Ruby, Rust, Shell, Scala.

Jackson Generator Plugin

This plugin allows you to generate Jackson ready java files from provided Json formatted string.


Validate and auto fix source code documentation.

Iterm Plugin

ITerm Plugin.