Plugins with tag "Code tools" for PyCharm Professional

DevEco IDE (China Region)

DevEco IDE(简称IDE)是华为消费者业务为开发者提供的集成开发环境,旨在帮助开发者快捷、方便、高效使用华为EMUI开放能力。 IDE基于Android Studio功能扩展(以插件形式提供),当前已上线开放能力为智慧服务(Huawei HiAI),功能主要包括HiAI Engine、 HiAI...

Awesome Pojo Generator

Plugin to generate Pojo classes from json.


Integration with ServiceStack Web Services, includes support for Java, Kotlin and TypeScript Add ServiceStack Reference.


By aqqxa

Go Builder Generator

Plugin for generating Builder pattern code of Go struct from selected struct code.


An Intellij/Android Studio plugin that support Chinese English words or sentence translation of each other, this function is simple, but very useful, if you have any...

Appstrakt Translations Sync

Synchronize your Google Sheets directly into your strings.xml.


With HasteIt you can quickly share your current file or selected text to Hastebin.

Bloc Code Generator

IntelliJ and Android Studio code generator plugin for the Bloc pattern.


Instructions for use        File -> Settings -> Other Settings -> Translation Configuration, Set Translation...