Plugins with tag "Code tools" for PyCharm Professional

Kotlin Variable Completion Plugin

Kotlin completion plugin for Android Studio & IntelliJ.


By whilu
Convert color with alpha value to hex format.

JDT AstView

By Robby
This plugin provides Eclipse JDT AST Viewer for Java source code.


1.groovy 测试用例生成 如果你的代码是这样的:.


generate code from .proto files.


Embedder allows you to selection a file, multiple files, or a directory of files and embed them in the currently open ActionScript file.


A simple reference contributor for ibatis in JAVA AND SQL XML.


This plugin allows copying code from editor to clipboard with colors and style! Select lines you want copy, and then right click on the editor, you can see "Copy with...

TeaCode IntelliJ Platform Helper

TeaCode IntelliJ Helper.