Plugins with tag "Code tools" for PyCharm


Validate and auto fix source code documentation.

Git Commit Template

Create a commit message with the following template.

Scalagen, Java to Scala converter

This plugin allows you to convert Java code into Scala.


By maiya
Shortcut Key: Windows.

Ultimate PasteBin

Best plugin ever for PasteBin in IntelliJ IDEA.

Pastebin plugin for Intellij IDEA.

Path hide

By Wirzi
This is a very small plugin to remove the project path in the tree view to prevent horizontal scrolling.


By kaneg
Goal:Generate Python skeleton for Java classes in Jython projects.

JDocs API Lookup

A plugin to access the JDocs apis through IDEA.

Gist Templates

Fetch gists from one or several github gists accounts and use them as templates inside IntelliJ.