Plugins with tag "Code tools" for PyCharm

Clean Architecture Plugin

Create the Clean Architecture directory structure in your projects.

Metadroid Plugin

Enable proper Intellij highlighting for Metadroid macros.


By leeii

Loopeer Model Format

By kumaj
an Android Studio plugin for generating model using loopeer data dictionary.


A simple reference contributor for ibatis in JAVA AND SQL XML.

HUAWEI IDE Assistant

Help HUAWEI developers to accelerate the development process of their apps.


The IntelliTidy plugin for IntelliJ provides a single action for closing all documents and collapsing all trees.

Easy Java Bean

Auto generate Java Bean file or corresponding field.


根据Excel粘贴过来的文本自动生成Java bean字段。 Auto generate fields of Java Bean by text, choosing from excel or other.


Make it provide completion in vars assigned from function call. Go To Declaration. This plugin extends pycharm dict keys completion and typing to something usable.