Plugins with tag "Misc" for PyCharm Professional

Override File Language

Override file language.

Shell Process

Run a shell command on selected lines.

VS Code Keymap

VS Code Keymap for IntelliJ-based IDEs.


Find and attach sources for binary artifacts by click of a button.

Spell Checker Java Dictionary

Standard Java dictionary based on Maven repository.

Solve for All integration

Searches for selected text using Solve for All, a customizable ad-free answer engine that can be enhanced by data and plugins from the community.


This plugin helps you to track the development time of all your projects.

Download Selection

Select a url, type "ctrl+shift+A", type "Download Selection" or select "Download Selection" from the Tools menu.

IntelliJ IDE Distribution Cleaner

Adds 'Delete Disabled Plugins' action to 'Tools' menu allowing to delete disabled plugins from distribution of IDE to save disk space.