Plugins with tag "Framework integration" for PyCharm Professional


The IntelliVue plugin for IntelliJ provides analysis, actions, and utilities for Vue Single File Components.

Basis.js framework plugin

Basis.js integration plugin for JetBrains IntelliJ platform.

AEM Support

Plugin that adds various features supporting development for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).

Stapler plugin for IntelliJ IDEA

Stapler plugin for IntelliJ IDEA 11.

Ember Snippets

Port of Ember.js rfc176 compliant imports from atom-ember-snippets.


Adds Support for code-completion and goto for config-files.

Demandware Studio Plugin

Demandware development tools.


A plugin to provide IDE assistance for members and constructors generated by PySynthetic.

Errai Framework

Errai Framework Support.

Yaml-Config Autocomplete

Auto-completes yaml configuration keys for the yaml configuration system.