Plugins with tag "Framework integration" for PyCharm Professional

Catberry Framework support

Catberry is a framework with Flux architecture, isomorphic web-components and progressive rendering.

Aurora Support

Supports the development of Aurora applications with IntelliJ IDEA.

Zato hot-deployment

Adds hot-deployment of API services to Zato clusters.

Postfix completion templates for the Twig template language

Provides Postfix completion for the Twig template language.


Support for Svelte in your IDE of choice.

MDW Studio

MDW Studio is the official design tool built on the IntelliJ platform that makes it easy for you to create workflow processes and other assets.

Feather-ts code support

Syntax highlighting plugin for templates and annotations in Feather-Ts projects.

Meruem Generator

Generates crud classes for meruem framework. Entity.

SO Development

IntelliJ IDEA Plug-in for SO Development.

swan support

Swan Language support for WebStorm. 百度智能小程序支持插件.