Plugins with tag "Languages" for PyCharm

Djinni IDL file support

Add some basic navigation, code-completion and error highlighting support to .djinni files. License Copyright 2015-2016 Dropbox, Inc.

Courier schema language

Courier Schema Language plugin.


Device components description language tools.


CovScript language support.

Spj Plugin

A Plugin For IntelliJ Family IDEs to Develop 101NEO SPJ Language.


Support for the LeekScript language (

Scala Power Pack

Advanced code-assist functionality for the Scala programming language, including automated Java to Scala translation.

Coco/R grammar support

Plugin for Jetbrains IDEs to support grammar files (*.atg) of the Coco/R compiler generator.

TickScript language support

This plugin adds support for TICKScript Language which is used in Kapacitor framework for processing, monitoring, and alerting on time series data.

MIB support

MIB file support for the IntelliJ platform.