Plugins with tag "Formatting" for PyCharm Professional

Bazel Build Formatter

An IntelliJ plugin to format Bazel's BUILD and WORKSPACE files using buildifier.


Enforces formatting with Tabs even in places where spaces are normally used such as alignments.

IntelliJ uroboroSQL Formatter

IntelliJ uroboroSQL Formatter UroboroSQL Formatter is often used in enterprise systems, For formatting to a highly maintainable style even for very long SQL (1 K...


google/yapf plugin for Jetbrains IDEs.

101 Header

Add 101 header on you c files (alt + h).

IntelliJ IDEA Properties Sorter

If you are working on a project where different IDEs are used, properties files will often cause merge conflicts because of different format and ordering.


Add Format action in Edit menu to format the current opened

UF Header

This plugin generates and updates UNIT Factory header.



Text Assistant

A Code Assistant integrated some common feature for text process.