Top Downloads for PyCharm

JSTestDriver Plugin

Allows running, debugging JavaScript unit tests and measure test coverage.

Action Tracker

Allows to record actions performed by user in IntelliJ IDEs.

PHPUnit code coverage

Displays PHPUnit code coverage of file in the editor.


Donate Elixir support for JetBrains IDEs IntelliJ IDEA AppCode CLion Gogland PhpStorm PyCharm Rubymine WebStorm Features.


ESLint intellij integration.

ANTLR v4 grammar plugin

This plugin is for ANTLR v4 grammars and includes ANTLR 4.7.


Enriches Git Integration with additional features [Home] [Issues].

Bitbucket Linky

Bitbucket Linky provides easy navigation to Atlassian Bitbucket.

Android WiFi ADB

Provides an action which allow you quickly connect your Android device over WiFi to install, run and debug your applications without a USB connected by pressing one...


Detects type of selection, line or keyword at caret and shifts it "up" or "down" on keyboard shortcut.