Top Rated for PyCharm Professional


CodeMR is a software quality and static code analysis tool for Java, Kotlin and Scala projects.


Embeds a code minimap similar to the one found in Sublime into the editor pane.

Eclipse Code Formatter

Allows using Eclipse's code formatter directly from IntelliJ.

Visual Studio Code Dark Plus Theme

A dark theme for JetBrains IDEs inspired by default Visual Studio Code "Dark Plus" theme.


IntelliJ solidity support You can support the plugin development by clicking star on GitHub and rating it on the plugin page.

PlantUML integration

PlantUML diagramming tool integration.

NetSuite Tools For WebStorm

[GitHub] NetSuite Tools For WebStorm.

Code comments

Add comments to code without change it.


Analyze script with with shellcheck.

jsDelivr package search

Simple search and insertion of packages from